Douglas Co. says COVID-19 outbreak due to travel

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — Douglas County said people are not taking advice about traveling, attending social gatherings or staying home when they’re sick. They said that is why the coronavirus cases in their county are on the rise.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team said a recent outbreak spiraled out of control in just a matter of days. They said the outbreak was “riddled with choices that allowed the virus to spread.”

The team said someone from another state with a high level of cases, came to visit family in the county. They said the person didn’t quarantine before their trip, then contracted the virus and infected several people in their family.”

Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer with Douglas County Public Health said, “An out of state person comes in, thinks they’re well, has a family reunion, infects a bunch of people, goes back to their state and finds that they are ill. They’ve infected people at the family reunion, by the time they get the test back, people at the family reunion have gone to events, they’ve gone to other family gatherings which has done other generation of disease.”

Dr. Dannenhoffer also said some infected people had gone back to work.

Now the response team says they have an outbreak that involves several sick families, many people in quarantine and several affected businesses. 

Douglas County said in ordcer to stop the spread of COVID-19, residents need to think abou the COVID-risk associated with their choices.

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