Downsizing Thanksgiving

(NBC News) Thanksgiving celebrations may be smaller this year due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the food has to be any less festive.

Still, downsizing the turkey may be easier said than done.

Growers and retailers say demand for smaller turkeys has already outpaced supply this year.

Personal chef Jill Aker-Ray says it’s ok to think even smaller.

“I really love to do Cornish hens,” she says.  “They’re a teeny tiny little kind of chicken, and they’re easy to do for individuals or for small groups.”

“The other thing I love to use is turkey tenderloins,” she adds.

Want something a bit more low key? Chef Jill suggests a sheet pan thanksgiving or an all in one casserole.

Takeout is also a popular option.

“Outsourcing is the is the way to go,” Chef Jill says.  “You’re supporting local, again with restaurants and things.  A lot of them are doing smaller sides.”

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