Eagle Point cowboy’s “hero horse” up for sale

Eagle Point, Ore. —   It’s been 9 months to the day since an Eagle Point cowboy made a trip to Walmart for dog food and wound up leaving a local hero. Robert Borba and his horse Long John, were in the right place at the right time, when a man took off with a bike that wasn’t his. Tonight, NBC5 News has a follow-up to that story that had the world talking.

Long John, the Hancock Driftwood has been a part of the family for three years now, but a ride around the Borba’s Eagle Point ranch Friday, will be one of their last.

“We need some room for some more horses that we got coming in so it’s time for him to go,” Robert Borba says, “and the new ones to come in.”

In just days, the noble steed will be up for grabs at an auction in Eugene.

“It’s just part of the business, it’s how we feed our family,” Borba says.

“Hopefully make a little money and try and buy some more horses and then do it all over again, that’s kind of how we make a living,” Alyssa Borba says.

And while the decision wasn’t easy for everyone, they just hope Long John goes to a home where he’s loved there as much as he is here.

“He’s been a good, a good horse to have you know,” Borba says, “he’s tough and you can do anything on him so you can grab him, grab him and go, and if you see somebody taking off with a bicycle go head and snag him too.”

Depending on how much he sells for, the Borba’s hope to send some money to the wildfire relief efforts in Texas. If you’re interested in buying Long John click HERE to go to the auction site.

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