Online movement encourages students to ‘walk up, not out’

Medford, Ore. — High school students across the country were involved in a planned walk out on Wednesday, but some people are starting a new movement online; It’s encouraging students to walk up, instead of walking out.

The students are encouraged to walk up to other kids who are alone, and invite them to their lunch table, or ask to be their partner in a class activity.

The walk up movement also includes teachers, and suggests students thank them, or just tell they they’re doing a good job.

Case workers with the Maslow Project have heard of the movement through students. They say it’s similar to what they encourage their young clients to do.

“Not being afraid to go and be friends with somebody who might not be the exactly same as you, and being that strong person to say, you know, welcome into our school, or to our table of friends, or to be open and to be caring and encouraging friendships across differences,” Fallon Stewart said,

The Maslow Project also encourages students who witness bullying to step in and put a stop to it.
They say bystanders are the ones with the most power in that situation, and most of the time, can make a difference.

Similarly, the walk up movement aims to bring people together. It also encourages people to “Just be nice.”

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