Eights years later: David Grubbs murder remains unsolved

ASHLAND, Ore.– Tuesday will mark eight years since Ashland man David Grubbs, 23, was murdered. The case is still unsolved.

While police continue to investigate, many questions remain unanswered. Police have some knowledge of what transpired that night but the killer remains elusive.

What is known is that Grubbs was walking alone along the bike path near Hunter Park after leaving his job at Shop N Kart.

It was there he was killed by a person wielding a bladed weapon. Police are tight-lipped with details as it is still considered an open investigation but acknowledge the murder weapon has never been found.

Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara was an officer on duty on November 19, 2011 when Grubbs was killed. He was one of the first to respond to the scene. Eight years later, he’s still hoping for the lead that will help them close this case.

“I’ve dreamt about, fantasized about calling Michael and Cheri and the sisters Rachel and Sarah and saying it’s done,” he said. “I hope that that day comes.”

A suspect was never named but police did release the name of a person of interest. Christian Delaurentiis was convicted several years ago in Washington County for killing and dismembering his roommate.

Police say he was living in the Ashland area at the time of Grubbs murder and left soon after he was killed. But they’ve never been able to talk to Delaurentiis and have yet to link him to the case.

“This remains on the collective consciousness of the Ashland community and of course on [Grubbs] family more than anything – that this is still an open case and not solved,” said Chief O’Meara.

Police say continuing to share the story of Grubbs may help to one day lead to new information.

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