Elderly couple’s cleaning service proves marriage isn’t a chore

MEDFORD, Ore. — Having a clean home is everything to Harry and Shirley Williams.

“I’m OCD, very much so. I like everything in its place,” Shirley Williams, owner of Just Cleaned Home Services, said.

The Williams make sure their house is spick and span from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.

“To me, it’s a positive way to start the day and a positive way to end the day,” Shirley Williams, said.

And Harry agrees. “When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is make the bed,” Harry Williams, owner of Just Cleaned Home Services, said.

The two decided to retire nearly 17 years ago but felt they couldn’t just sit around. So they turned their passion for cleaning into a business called, Just Cleaned Home Services.

“You feel good because you’re helping people and most of them really appreciate it and that makes you feel good really,” Harry said.

Harry and Shirley are unique though. Harry is 88 years old and Shirley is 75 years old. They say no one has seemed surprised about their age or even mentioned anything.

The two even joke that they’ll go down in history as the oldest home cleaners.

“He says if anything happens to him before me, he wants to be buried with a solid gold vacuum, so that’s what we’re saving for,” Shirley said.

The two have between 20 and 25 clients. They clean at least two homes a day Monday through Friday.

Every house they go into, they have a routine. Shirley is the kitchen and bathroom master, and Harry does the dusting and vacuuming.

Of course, their favorite part is the time that they get to spend together doing what they love.

“Shirley’s my best friend. Seriously, she’s my best friend,” Harry said. “If you can have your best friend as a wife too, to me that’s double.”

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