Epstein autopsy completed

NEW YORK CITY (NBC) – Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy found he suffered a broken neck bone.

A person familiar with the matter told NBC News the autopsy found that Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken.

The injury is common in victims of hanging and strangulation.

Experts say the injury is more common in strangulations, but that nothing conclusive can be derived from this. There’s still no indication of foul play in Epstein’s death.

Studies show the injury occurs in about one-third of strangulations and 25 percent of hangings.

The New York City medical examiner has not yet officially released his cause of death. But experts say the disclosure that he broke his hyoid bone, a small horseshoe-shaped bone near the base of the human jaw, provides no reason to doubt that Epstein killed himself.

Epstein was locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy.

The FBI and Department of Justice inspector general are investigating the case.

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