Equal Pay Day awareness


Ashland, Ore.–  The Ashland chapter of the American Association of University Women, or the AAUW, gathered in the Ashland Plaza to protest for fair pay for women on this Equal Pay Day.

The public awareness day was created 20 years ago to increase knowledge on the salary discrimination many woman face around the world.  The date is significant to the struggle.  April 12th represents how far into this year a woman must work to earn the same amount males earned in the previous year.

“In the U.S., women make on average eighty-two cents to every dollar that a man makes,” says Dee Anne Everson of the Jackson County United Way.

“We are protesting for them,” says Regina Ayars of the AAUW.  “They are working, they are taking care of their kids, they are working two jobs so a lot of women don’t have the opportunity to represent themselves.”

Equal pay advocates encourage employers to make more fair salary decisions and encourage women to ask for raises.

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