Evacuated Siskiyou county residents return home

Ashland, Ore. – At tonight’s meeting, the Siskiyou County Sheriff said they have been able to repopulate all of the communities in Siskiyou county that were evacuated, but the work isn’t done yet for officials fighting the Klamathon fire.

36,500 acres, 82 structures lost, and 35 homes destroyed. The Klamathon fire has raged for almost a week in Siskiyou and Jackson counties. Now, people are making their way back home.

“We owe our firefighter counterparts a lot of credit, they did such an extraordinary job. We were able to repopulate all the areas of Siskiyou county that had previously been evacuated,” Siskiyou County Sheriff, Jon Lopey said.

Fire crews are working fast to fully contain the fire, but officials say the hard part is going to be helping residents get back on track.

“As we go forward we’ll finish up our containment side, on the Oregon side we’ll work on getting everything back to normal, on the California side we’ll continue to work with the folks in the Hornbrook area and try to get their lives pieced back together,” fire official Brandon Vaccarro

“This is going to have to be something that Siskiyou county is going to have to work on for months and maybe years before some semblance of normalcy is returned to our citizens impacted by the Klamathon fire incident,” Lopey said.

Fire officials want to remind you fire season is just getting started, and to always be aware of fire danger warnings in your area.

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