Experts: Don’t touch “orphaned” deer

Grants Pass, Ore. – A local wildlife rehabilitation facility said they’re getting a high number of calls from concerned people who have found a deer fawn that needed to be “rescued.”

Now they’re telling the public, “If you care, leave it there!”

Wildlife Images said in most cases, the fawns are healthy and don’t need to be helped.

It’s natural for young fawns to be left alone while their mothers feed in an area where they’re less likely to attract predators to their offspring.

Experts say fawns lay perfectly still–even when touched–as a defense mechanism until their mothers return around dusk.

If you find a young deer alone in the woods, it’s most likely not an orphan and doesn’t need human intervention.

However, if the deer is along the road or in possible danger, it may be picked up and moved a short distance within the line of sight of the original location.

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