Experts warn stay indoors as winter storm brings down trees

MEDFORD, Ore. — Strong winds knocked over several trees around the region, including one that cut-off part of a Medford neighborhood.

“It just kind of slow motion in a way fell down,” said Officer Allison Meza, Medford Police Dept.

Police believe the tree was around 50 to 100 feet tall.

The tree fell on Plum St. And Stewart Avenue in Medford.

“We get a lot of calls especially around this time of year,” said Officer Meza. “We just have a lot of rain and snow.”

Medford-based company, “Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping,” says it responded to 3 emergency calls on Tuesday night about downed trees.

They expect many more continuing into the night.

“You know you got to be looking up,” said Will Danielson, owner of Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping. “Making sure it’s not a broken branch hanging up. It could even be a broken branch from years ago that could all of a sudden get blown out and hit you.”

Danielson says you never want to walk under a tree that’s lost a branch since more branches or the entire tree could fall.

“Especially at night, don’t be walking around on your yard if you’re not positive it’s clear,” he said.

Danielson says if a tree falls on your property, you are responsible for moving it.

If it falls onto public land or another property, check with your city.

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