Family of missing Illinois boy speaking out

Update: What was previously reported to be the possible return of a missing boy turned out to be a hoax.

The alleged perpetrator was identified as a 23-year-old man named Michael Rini. He originally claimed to be 14 years  old. ”

Although we are disappointed that this turned out to be a hoax, we remain diligent in our search for Timmothy, as our missing person’s case remains unsolved,” Aurora Sgt. Bill Rowley said.


AURORA, Ill. (WMAQ/NBC) – The family of missing Illinois boy Timmothy Pitzen said they are cautiously optimistic about the news that he has been found in Kentucky.

The Aurora Boy disappeared in 2011 when he was 6 years old.

Wednesday, a teenager came forward saying he had escaped two kidnappers who have held him for the past seven years, according to an Ohio police report.

Now that the shock is wearing off, the family says the emotions are settling in. They’ve experienced false alarms before, but this lead is the most solid yet.

Pitzen’s aunt, Kara Jacobs, says all family can do now is pray until a DNA test confirms the boy’s identity. “We… we were shocked and… overjoyed but scared at the same time,” Jacobs said. “We’ve always felt strongly that this day would come. When, um, it’s hard to realize it’s happening when it does come.”

According to the police report, the boy found Wednesday said that he and his two abductors were staying in a Red Roof Inn in Cincinnati when he escaped into Kentucky where he was found wandering the streets.

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