Fire crews are urging the public to use fireworks with caution

The weekend before the Fourth of July means that firework sparks are flying.

Sparks… that firefighters say could potentially start a fire.

“Fire danger has been raised to high,” Fire District 5 Captain Bob Holt said.

Due to an increase in temperatures and low humidity, fire danger in Southern Oregon has increased to high as of Friday.

With Fourth of July right around the corner, fire crews are hoping the public will be cautious while using fireworks.

“Every Fourth of July we have anywhere from five to ten grass fires started by fireworks,” Captain Holt said.

Ashland residents Bow and Sam say they will be careful because they’re aware of the risk fireworks pose to the surrounding land.

“They can start forest fires, they can start grass fires, they can start any kind of fires,” Sam said.

“We don’t want to burn the house down, right? Or our neighbor’s house” Bow said.

According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, some tips for firework safety include always having water nearby, only using legal fireworks in legal places and never attempting to light a “dud” firework.

“And we would do it on asphalt or a parking lot, right? We wouldn’t go up in the mountains or in the backyard and start a fire,” Bow said.

Then of course there are guidelines to stay safe from injury like monitoring children, wearing eye protection if you’re lighting the firework and keeping a safe distance.

“You can’t be near fireworks… especially if they’re really big ones,” Sam said.

Captain Bob Holt with Fire District Five says if everyone were to follow these simple tips, Southern Oregon has a better chance of being spared from its usual Fourth of July fires.

“Hopefully everybody uses their fireworks safely and we won’t have any grass fires this year,” Captain Holt said.

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