Photo: Steve Eggleston/The Mercury News

Flying cars on the horizon?

nc_flyingcar1025_1500x845Hollister, Calif. — (KSBW) — Is “The Jetsons” flying car finally here?

A Silicon Valley company, Zee Aero, has been testing a prototype at Hollister Municipal Airport to “develop a revolutionary new form of transportation.”

This summer, Zee Aero signed a 34-year lease for one acre of land between two landing strips in Hollister.

The project the company is working on is under wraps, but a 2013 patent application for a “personal aircraft” filed by CEO Ilan Kroo, sheds some light on its mission to create “better ways to get from A to B.”

Photo: Steve Eggleston/The Mercury News
Photo: Steve Eggleston/The Mercury News

The document describes a “safe, quiet, easy to control, efficient and compact aircraft” capable of vertical and horizontal flight.

Employees of other businesses at the airport have witnessed the “flying car” prototype hovering about.

“It has what looks like four small little motors,” said Michael Smith of Hollister Soaring Center.

“I don’t know if the wings are designed to fold, so I don’t think it’s a car but I don’t know that for sure,” Smith said.

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