Food truck size limitations

Buttercloud Bakery and Café is well-known in the Rogue Valley.

So popular, they purchased a food truck to handle orders on-the-go.

However, due to truck size regulations in Medford, they’ve had to set up in Central Point instead.

The owners of Buttercloud spoke at the Medford City Council meeting today.

They hope the council will make some changes to the regulations so they may be allowed to house their cafe-on-wheels closer to their original location in Medford.

Owners Ellen and Gibson Holub bought a truck with plans to serve the Medford community with quicker service, but when they tried to get a permit, they discovered their truck was too large for city regulations.

Now, instead of sending customers a few blocks over for a to-go order, “buttercloud to go” has become a whole new location in Central Point.

“I mean you can’t tell people go across town and pick it up… you gotta tell them it’s real close by. Same food, same quality… just swing by the food truck,” Holub said.

The current city ordinance allows food trucks to be 170 square feet, but their truck is 200.

Since the city can’t allow exemptions, Holub hopes the council might change the current rules.

“With food trucks becoming more popular nowadays it might be something to reconsider and change just to allow for more creative options within the city limits,” Holub said.

According to the planning department, those restrictions have been in place for several years now, but some councilors say it might be time to revisit them.

“I hope staff will come back to us with a suggestion as to how we can make it work for them. Buttercloud has been an important part of the community. They were homegrown and I’ve watched their business grow,” Councilor Corcoran said.

To make it possible for the Holubs to get a permit, the council would have to rewrite the ordinance.

The next step is for staff to come up with recommendations.

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