Former Deputy Director Pam Marsh is reacting to recent OnTrack Developments

State Representative Pam Marsh was the Deputy Director at OnTrack five years ago.

She says she wants to focus on the positive and move forward.

Marsh says she thinks OnTrack is an incredible organization in the number of services it offers to the community.

While she doesn’t know what has gone wrong since her time at OnTrack, she thinks the community needs to acknowledge the skill and vision Rita Sullivan has contributed.

“Rita Sullivan is a visionary, and she was able to pull together partners and funding to really provide services that exist virtually no place else. Certainly not in a community of our size,” Marsh said.

Marsh says she didn’t see any of the conditions five years ago that have recently been described, but she was concerned about whether employees were being well-supported by management in their difficult work.

Her hope is that the board can bring in strong management that can address the problems and restore the organization which offers help to vulnerable populations.

Marsh says she’s fully supportive of the board taking aggressive action to fix conditions and she would like to see the community support OnTrack’s move forward.

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