Freezing temperatures may break winter records

Medford, Ore. — Temperatures are expected to drop dramatically within the next two weeks – especially next week.

The National Weather Service reported temperatures are already two to three degrees lower than they normally are at this time of year – and it’s only expected to continue over the next week.

“It could be the coldest air mass we’ve seen since December of 2013,” said Brett Lutz, NWS Meteorologist.

With the Rogue Valley getting ready to welcome in the New Year, NWS wants to make sure you’re also ready to say hello to winter weather, possibly record-breaking winter weather.

“We have almost complete certainty that we’re going to be seeing snowfall on the mountain passes on New Year’s Day,” Lutz said.

NWS predicts one to three inches across the Rogue Valley.

“It’s not a lot of snow but because it’s going to fall to lower elevations. There is going to be places that are affected that aren’t usually affected and with more people on the roads that increases the potential for accidents,” Lutz said.

Which means anyone traveling this holiday weekend should prepare for the worst.

“Now is really the time to be preparing for the cold,” Lutz said.

Preparing – as in making sure you have emergency items in your car like a fully charged cell phone, blankets, water, and food. And also take the time to protect yourself if you’re going outside – making sure you have on layers, wearing an outer shell, and even wearing waterproof shoes.

“Frostbite is possible,” Lutz said.

It’s a warning that’s not meant to be taken lightly.

“Once we get cold like this, that is the time when even a small bit of snow can cause big problems. Once the ground is frozen, that’s when we have problems in the Rogue Valley,” Lutz said.

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