Georgia couple suing Snapchat for accident

Atlanta, Ga. — Snapchat is filled with filters that transform your image or face. But it’s the “speed filter” that is sparking a lawsuit in Atlanta.

That filter shows just how fast you’re moving at any given moment. Even though there’s a disclaimer that says do not snap and drive, a team of Atlanta attorneys say the app was a factor in a horrific crash at a Clayton County intersection, and now they’re suing Snapchat over it.

The complaint filed in Spaulding County spells out how it happened. Attorneys say 18-year-old Christal McGee was driving more than 100 miles an hour so she could post it on Snapchat. She even posted a picture on snapchat after the accident with a bloody face with the caption, “lucky to be alive.”

Attorneys say she was so obsessed with the app and so distracted with her phone and driving so fast she never saw the person pulling out right in front of her.

McGhee was going 107 miles an hour when she crashed into an SUV. Attorneys for the man driving it say he now has permanent brain damage.

Attorneys start to build their case against Snapchat by pointing to other ‘speed filter’ related accidents.

Attorneys have not said how much money they are asking for in damages, they want a jury to decide that.

A Snapchat spokesman said he could not comment on a pending lawsuit, but added that the app has always included a warning not to use it while driving.

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