GoFundMe started for family lost in the Klamath River

Humboldt County, Calif — A GoFundMe page has been set up for the individuals who were in a vehicle that crashed down an embankment and ended up in the Klamath River in northern California Monday.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a vehicle driven by 30-year-old Elizabeth Ann Palmer was traveling on CA-96 between Hoopa and Orleans Sunday evening. Passengers in the vehicle included 41-year-old Jose Paredes Chaves and Palmer’s 4-year-old and 18-month-old daughters.

For unknown reasons, the vehicle crashed down a 500-800 foot embankment, coming to rest in the Klamath River, according to CHP. Chaves was able to get out of the vehicle and reach help, but the vehicle was swept away by the river with Palmer and her daughters still inside. They are presumed dead.

Chaves was in an area hospital Monday afternoon in unknown condition.

A GoFundMe page started by Carolyn Palmer went into more detail about the tragic incident:

Yesterday I found out that my sister Elizabeth was involved in a car accident in Orleans, Ca. Both her and her two daughters did not survive the crash. Little Lizzie was four years old and Victoria was only 15 months old. She lost control of her car due to the horrible weather conditions and her car went down an 80 foot embankment. Her husband was ejected from the vehicle. He tried to save his family but as he was unbuckling Little Liz the car was swept away by the river. He climed [sic] the 80ft slope to try and find help. By the time help arrived the could not find the car in the river. The road collapsed so no one can look for the car until the weather clears. Please help us raise money funeral expenses for these innocent victims and the grieving husband and father. These lives were taken too early and deserve a funeral. Nothing can express the pain that our family is going through right now. Thank you for any prayers or support you can offer us.

As of 9:30 Tuesday morning, a joint effort is underway in attempt to locate the missing driver and children.

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