Good Samaritan shares his story

Phoenix, Ore. — A man who helped save a driver on Interstate 5 is sharing his story. Daniel Brewer was driving to Talent when he spotted smoke Monday morning. The driver was heading south on I-5 when he swerved across the lanes and ran into the overpass at Exit 24.

Daniel Brewer drove up just a few minutes later. He was on his way to see his daughter when he saw the smoke from the crash. “It was a lot of smoke. We didn’t know what was on fire. And then when we got up, I immediately saw the car wrecked and I jerked the car over and I ran right across the highway,” said Brewer.

When he got to the car, several others were trying to put the fire out. He managed to yank one of the doors open while another person cut the driver’s seat belt.

They pulled the man out just before the fire exploded inside the car.

The driver’s name and condition have not been released.

Brewer said he’d do it all over again, and hopes the driver makes a full recovery.

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