Gospel Rescue Mission provides heat relief

08.18 MISSIONMedford, Ore., — It was a record breaker in Medford today, as the thermometer climbed to 108 degrees.

Most of us are doing all we can now to stay cool. But for many, especially those on the street, it was like being in an oven.

NBC5 spoke with the folks at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Medford.

The mission is open 24 hours a day and let’s anyone in whether it be to stay the night or just for a meal.

“There’s some good air conditioning,¬†they keep you hydrated, it’s a great place, they treat people really well here.” said one customer, John Hinton.

The mission not only provides shelter for the home less, but also nutritious free meals for anyone.

“It’s unbelievable, you come here and it’s like restaurant service, I can’t believe it.” said another customer, Jack Allen.

The customers have to make a reservation and are seated every 15 minutes.

They also get to choose from different drink, entree and dessert options.

“It’s a place to go and eat, it doesn’t get any better than that. And it’s good food.” said Allen.

Some have to walk or bike miles, just to get a bite to eat.

“The walk is worth it in the heat, definitely worth it.” said another customer, Joshua Dunlap

But for others who can’t make it to the mission?

“Stay in the shade, the deep, deep shade.” said Dunlap.

“We go to the lakes, swim, stay in the water.” said Hinton.

If you’re outside and need to cool off, and can’t make it to the mission, there are a couple other places in the Rogue Valley inviting you inside.

Two Salvation Army locations in Medford are giving out water bottles, and have air conditioning.

Salvation Army:
922 North Central, Medford
304 Beatty Street, Medford

Medford Gospel Mission
125 W. Jackson St., Medford


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