Gov. Kate Brown says Oregon will adhere to Paris climate agreement

Salem, Ore. – Governor Kate Brown announced Oregon will adhere to the goals laid out in the Paris climate accord.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said the United States will withdraw from the agreement, saying it’s unfair and demeaning toward the U.S.

The move prompted numerous mayors and governors across the country to proclaim they would continue to support the accord, including Oregon’s governor.

Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement on Friday:

 “As founding members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative, Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia have shown collaboration makes a huge difference in pursuit of greenhouse gas reduction goals and working toward the development of a greener, cleaner energy mix of the future. Expanding and strengthening the commitment to combat climate change with additional partners in states and cities across the U.S. sends a strong message to our global allies that despite the decision by the White House to retreat, the American people will nonetheless move forward to fulfill the goals of the Paris Agreement. I’m confident that we will continue to make meaningful strides to ensure our communities and economies are resilient and better prepared to meet the challenge of climate change.”

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