Governor Brown visits Chetco Bar Fire

Brookings, Ore. — Governor Kate Brown spent Friday visiting Brookings.

It’s an area that’s close to where the nation’s top priority fire is consuming forest land in Curry County.

Fire agencies from 19 states are on the scene battling the Chetco Bar Fire.

The city of Brookings remains on a level one evacuation alert.

Right now, the fire covers about 160 square miles about five miles northeast of Brookings.

Governor Brown spent much of Friday touring the community and learning about the fire.

She arrived in Brookings Friday afternoon and spent some time at the Incident Command Center.

Officials briefed her on the latest information on the Chetco Bar Fire.

Then, when speaking to the community the governor’s most urgent message was to stay vigilant.

“Fire situations can get dangerous very quickly, and we need everyone in this community to remain on their toes and to remain extremely cautious,” Governor Brown said.

The spokesperson for the Chetco Bar Fire had a similar message for residents near the fire.

He wants everyone who might need to be evacuated to understand they are trying to save lives.

“It’s a terrible thing to lose your belongings… your home. That is one of the worst things that can happen to you. However, you yourself are way more important,” Terry Krasko said.

Governor Brown also spent much time thanking firefighters and shaking their hands.

She said she was happy to see all the support from the community for the firefighting efforts.

If you would like to help, officials are asking people to donate to the Red Cross

Those items or money are going directly to the local evacuees.

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