Grants Pass won’t have 4th of July fireworks show

Grants Pass, Ore. — A renovation project at the Josephine County Fairgrounds this summer, means an annual 4th of July fireworks show won’t happen.

“It’s going to be really exciting to see what the changes are that are gonna happen there,” Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce CEO Colene Martin says, “but that means we don’t have a venue to do the fourth of July fireworks this year.”

Aside from private property, the fairgrounds is the only location that meets strict requirements.

“We’re so limited in this area, we are a rural area,” Martin says, “you have to be 300 feet away from any kind of a structure, any tarp, any type building.”

Josephine County residents will still get their fireworks fix during Boatnik next weekend. There will be a fireworks display on both Friday and Sunday nights.

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