Greenway sweep offers help, enforces code

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford police and the Rogue Valley Veterans Community Outreach Center are wrapping up after sweeping the Greenway overnight.

Prior to the sweep, Medford police posted warnings along the bike path that camping on the Greenway is against city code.

They aren’t necessarily looking to make arrests or citations, but to help the people they come across during the sweep.

“We’re looking for people who have camps set up or who have established camps so that we can take care of getting these people off the Greenway, get them to the services that are available to them — such as the homeless shelters, the other services that are available to get them food and clothing, different things like that,” said Cpl. Randy Jewell with Medford P.D.

Medford police had help from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Central Point Police, and Ashland Police

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Rogue Valley Veterans Community Outreach Center joined the sweep, letting homeless vets know they have options for help if they need it.

Medford police will continue working on the Greenway Thursday, cleaning up debris left behind from campsites.

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