Gun sanctuary county proposal

Grants Pass, Ore. – Gun rights activists of Josephine County are asking for commissioners’ help to pass the “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.” it was first presented back in April.

This ordinance would stop the state from being able to take any kind of guns from owners in the county. Currently the state has received Initiative Petition 43, or I.P. 43. If passed, it would restrict the ownership and sale of semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines.

Gun supporters at tonight’s meeting say they just want to keep their guns– and to them, it doesn’t matter what kind they are. The group is hoping if their proposed county ordinance was passed, it would make Josephine County a “Gun Sanctuary” county.

“It would protect the gun owners from prosecution, if they decided to stand up and say no you’re not taking my guns,” Josephine County resident, Darrel Roff Jr. said.

At the meeting, county commissioners referred gun supporters to the county charter — which they say already protects the Second Amendment. Commissioners also assured the group that Josephine County is home ruled meaning they can make the final decision at county level.

County commissioner Dan Deyoung did tell me that he personally fully supports keeping guns in the county, and he wants to protect second amendment rights of Josephine County residents.

At this point, it’s not clear when this issue will be further discussed.

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