Hair stylist who cuts hair for homeless receives brain surgery

MEDFORD, Ore.– Erika Clogston, a local hairstylist who cuts hair for the homeless, went in for brain surgery Monday in Portland.

Since birth, Clogston has been battling an epidermoid mass that has slowly been growing in her brain. However, it wasn’t till eight years ago, when she was 23, that doctors found the mass. She went into surgery to have it removed but doctors could not clear it all out because of proximity on the brain and the optical nerve.

This surgery, which lasted six hours, was the second one she’s had to try and clear the mass. Clogston’s family says after the surgery she is in recovery but had an MRI scheduled on Tuesday to get a better sense of how the surgery went.

The family tells NBC5 News doctors were able to remove as much as they could but there are still complications. Apparently a main artery runs through the tumor and a mass the size of a nickel is attached to her brain stem.

“Definitely in a lot of pain, definitely headaches and blurred vision,” said Judy Fair, Clogston’s mother. “We’re hoping that as the swelling on her brain goes down then her symptoms will get better.”

Fair admits it was not what they were hoping for. However, they are on their way back to Medford to continue her recovery. They will receive more updates in the coming month on what will need to happen next.

The family says they are beyond grateful though for the outpouring of support from the community. They would like to thank everyone that donated to the GoFundMe to help pay for Clogston’s medical bills.

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