Healthy streams for fish

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local fish biologist hope to bring back Chinook salmon populations through a new initiative.

Biologist used sandbags to control creek flow over an abandoned sewer pipe and concrete cover right under the Jackson Street bridge in Medford.

The fish ladder with sand bags and rocks will help to boost fish over the 4-foot barrier.

Organization Rogue Riverkeeper is partnering up with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to help monitor the site.

“We’ve heard that there’s been fish just upstream from the site which is great news but we want to make sure they are getting pass the impediments just under the Jackson Street bridge,” said Robyn Janssen, Program Director of Rogue Riverkeeper. “If they’re not, then that’s really important information for all of us to have.”

Every October, Chinook salmon complete their life cycle in Bear Creek.

The impediments threaten to stop fish from reaching upper Bear Creek spawning grounds as far as Ashland.

The short-term fix will help fish passage while biologist plan to find a long-term solution of removing both impediments altogether.

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