Heatwave contributes to European wildfires

CENICIENTOS, Spain (RTV/NBC) – High temperatures and summer winds are contributing to new wildfires in Spain and Germany.

Firefighters in Spain are hoping to get an 8,000-acre wildfire under control soon.

Aircraft are dumping water on the flames, but high winds and dry conditions are making it easy for the fire to spread.

The fires are located north of Madrid, but so far no homes have been affected.

Authorities have downgraded the fire to a level one of three categories with three being the highest.

In northern Germany, hundreds of people had to evacuate their homes due to a rapidly growing wildfire.

The fire has only burned over a thousand acres, but it’s located in an area where Nazi factories produced bombs during World War II and some shells buried in the ground are exploding because of the heat.

One hundred children at a summer camp nearby were quickly removed from the area.

Local police said it’s the biggest wildfire ever recorded in the state, located just southeast of Hamburg.

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