Heroic 9-year-old takes the wheel

Albuquerque, N.M. (KOB) — A nine-year-old boy in New Mexico is being called a hero after taking control of his family’s car as his mom had a seizure Saturday.

Nicole Piatt was driving her two sons home from church when the older son, Ben Daley, noticed something wasn’t right.

“I was just reading my bible and I looked up, and I thought my mom was making funny faces at Elijah in the back seat,” he said. “Then I looked up again and she didn’t have her hands on the steering wheel.”

The car began to drift, hitting another car, and that’s when Ben jumped into action.

“I took the steering wheel, and it shifted to the left and we hit the curb and I turned off the car and then the whole thing kind of liked stopped,” Ben said.

They ended up coming to a stop against the center median in what could have been a devastating accident.

Piatt has never suffered a seizure before, and this incident has her counting her blessings.

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