“Hipster Nativity” features selfies, skinny jeans

1125-hipster-nativitySan Diego, Calif. – It’s a modern take on an iconic holiday tradition—and the “Hipster Nativity” is selling like hotcakes.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if Jesus was born in 2016, the folks at Modern Nativity have the answer.

The nativity set includes three wise men riding on Segway (complete with gifts from Amazon), Mary and Joseph taking a selfie, a certified organic cow munching on gluten-free feed and a solar-paneled stable.

Casey Wright, co-founder of Modern Nativity, told CNBC the product started at a happy hour with his friends. “After a few beers, we started joking about how religions would be different if their sacred texts were set in modern times. From there, it quickly snowballed into what the nativity would look like in 2016.”

The sets went on sale a week ago, Wright said. He told CNBC sales have grown exponentially day by day due to social media and word of mouth.

“We have quickly found out that this product is very polarizing. It’s usually, ‘this is hilarious, I need one,’ or ‘this is sacrilegious, I hope you burn in hell,’ and almost nothing in between those two extremes,” Wright told CNBC. “Amazingly, a lot of people seem very concerned about the proper definition of a millennial and a hipster, too. We get comments like, ‘Segways aren’t hipster. They’re technically early-stage millennial with a tinge of East Coast liberal.'”

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