How to ‘beat the heat’ according to Pacific Power

With temperatures heading into the triple digits this week, Pacific Power is reminding customers on how to beat the heat and save on their electricity bill.

The company says opening windows during the early morning and evening can help with fresh air in your home. Using fans during this time can help circulate the air. When the temperatures begin to climb, that is when the company says to close blinds and drapes to keep out sunlight. Doing so will keep your home cooler.

The company recommends setting air conditioners to 78 degrees while you are at home and 85 degrees when away. Pacific Power says running an air conditioner lower than 78 degrees can increase your electricity bill by eight percent.

Pushing the time you use heat producing appliances can also help you beat the heat. Using ovens, dishwashers and clothes dryers should be pushed to cooler parts of the day. When things can be done manually like washing dishes by hand or air-drying clothes, it can save you money and keep your home cooler.

The company also says to drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun as much as possible. It also suggests checking on neighbors who may need a fan or any other assistance.

To save money, it says to make a conscious effort to unplug items that you are not using. Even if they are not on, they are still using energy while plugged in.

Pacific Power says if you are worried about your power bill to call the company.

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