How to protect your furry friends during a heatwave

MEDFORD, Ore. — Being outside during a heatwave is not only difficult for you but your furry friends too.

Hot pavement or asphalt can burn and blister your pet’s feet.

Experts say if it’s too hot to the touch for your bare hand, it’s too hot for them. Even in the late hours of the day, the pavement will take a couple of hours to cool off.

People who work with pets say it’s best to keep them indoors or in the shade and make sure they have enough water.

“Provide ice treats [and] a pool, like a kiddy pool filled with a little bit of water,” said Sierra Johnson, SoHumane. “It is definitely ideal to keep them inside by the air conditioning when possible.”

Dogs like Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, or Pugs can also have respiratory issues. And in a heatwave, they can get overheated fast and not be able to cool themselves down.

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