In-N-Out secret menu items

Medford, Ore. — One thing people like about In-N-Out is the simplicity of their menu. But it’s really not as simple as you might think. Along with their regular menu they also have a secret menu.

Say you’re an In-N-Out rookie. You decide to brave the crowds and visit the new location for lunch. You want to make it the best experience possible. So, what do you order? Spoiler alert. That secret menu isn’t so secret.

You can click here for a link to all of In-N-Outs delicious customized items that you won’t see on the menu board.

The manager at Medford’s new location, Jack Vozzola, said the secret menu was created after customers consistently requested the same modifications to items on the regular menu. He said ordering a burger or fries “animal style” is the most popular.

But Vozzola also said don’t expect to see your creative lunch order popping up in print on the secret menu. Since In-N-Out does like to keep simplicity they’re just fine with leaving the menu how it is.

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