Injured OSP trooper sits up for the first time since being shot

Update (01/17/17 2:00 p.m.) — An Oregon State Police trooper who was shot and seriously wounded on Christmas Day is now walking on his own.

The family of Trooper Nic Cederberg posted on a GoFundMe page Nic had taken a huge step in his recovery. “…actually he took twenty six steps, all by himself, with a little help from a lower leg brace. We’ve tried to document a lot of Nic’s new ‘firsts’ and we felt that this was one that needed to be shared.”

Thursday was the first time he had walked since the shooting, according to Jeff Cederberg, Nic’s brother.

Jeff wrote an update, “What you may not know is that Nic thought his right leg was paralyzed three weeks ago. The only feeling he’s had for the last two weeks is intense pain and numbness, a pain that could only be described as having his leg wrapped in white hot metal. Simply blowing on it would send him up the pain scale to an eleven. This was all due to the extensive nerve damage he sustained on Christmas night. Today that pain has subsided enough for him to do what he didn’t think he could, and that was walk again.”

King City, Ore. – An Oregon State Police trooper who was critically injured after he was shot Christmas night is now sitting up, according to his family.

Portland NBC affiliate KGW reports Trooper Nic Cederberg was dispatched to a home in King City to follow up on reported gunshots.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said when Trooper Cederberg arrived with other officers they found a woman dead at the home.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old James Tylka was seen driving away from the scene. He led police on a chase that ended with an exchange of gunfire with officers.

Tylka was killed and Trooper Cederberg was critically wounded.

The dead woman was identified as Tylka’s wife, Katelynn Tylka-Armand.

Jeff Cederberg, the brother of Trooper Cederberg, posted on a GoFundMe that his brother was moved out of the ICU and into a regular patient room on Thursday.

Jeff posted the following update on Sunday:

Seven days ago my world, as well as hundreds of others, was turned upside down in a dramatic way. Someone I love dearly was hurt and there was nothing I could have done to change or stop it. What I do know is that that person was ready, willing and able to not hesitate to do what was needed even if it cost him everything. That person is my brother Nic Cederberg. Right now Nic is starting to realize the severity of the situation he was in that night. He questions everything that happened and what he could have been done better. I’m here to tell you his actions were above reproach and he saved countless lives all while disregarding his own.

His his physical condition is improving at a rate most wouldn’t believe. I have yet to hear him scream or moan when he’s been worked on. He locks in on someone in the room with his eyes and grits his teeth and stays silent until they are finished. I’m hear [sic] to tell you he is the toughest person I know and those who’ve seen him would agree.

A day ago he decided to sit-up for the first time. To most of us this is not a big deal but to Nic it was everything. It validated and reassured him mentally that he was going to be okay. It hurt like hell but was another huge step, just as it was to be moved out of the ICU. He sat in the bed with Hayley and locked in once again while she held him.

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