Iran denies prisoner swap with United States

TEHRAN, Iran (NBC) – Iran’s foreign ministry is refuting claims on the country’s own state TV networks that report a prisoner swap agreement has been made between Iran and the United States.

The foreign ministry spokesperson appeared at a press conference this Monday saying “these reports by informed sources cannot be confirmed”.

U.S. government sources in Washington had also denied the claim made by the Iranian state TV Sunday.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the TV report represented a move by the hard-liners running the Iranian broadcaster to disrupt negotiations with the west amid talks in Vienna on Tehran’s tattered nuclear deal.

Prisoner swaps between the U.S. and Iran are not uncommon and both countries in recent years have routinely sought the release of detainees. But any movement between the two countries is particularly sensitive as the Biden administration looks to restart nuclear talks.

A 2015 atomic accord between the nations included prisoner exchanges.

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