Commissioner reacts to Sheriff’s claims of demeaning behavior

Jackson County, Ore. — Sheriff Corey Falls says he’s experienced racial issues his whole life, but he was surprised by the demeaning behavior he received from county leadership.

“I’ve gone back and forth whether this is something I really want to talk about and I’m standing here with every bit of courage today,” Sheriff Corey Falls said.

Derogatory comments, bullying and racial discrimination were all brought up by Sheriff Corey Falls in a press conference about his transition plan.

“I got a very racially-charged embarrassing social media post about me that was humiliating that was brought to my attention,” Sheriff Corey Falls said.

According to a press release from Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer… Sheriff Falls made a complaint to county human resources about that post.

“The report was generated but not issued or released because the complaint was withdrawn,” Dyer said.

Although the report concluded Sheriff Falls had not been harassed, the sheriff pulled his complaint.

“What I learned is elected officials have no HR protection when it comes to discriminatory acts, harassment, being bullied… there’s zero,” Sheriff Corey Falls said.

Sheriff Falls says he felt like he had no voice or the opportunity to forge positive relationships.

He says those were lacking since day one.

As for commissioner Rick Dyer, he says they disagreed on some issues.

But that didn’t stand in the way of them working together.

“I always endeavored to cooperate in any way that I could with the sheriff and to work together for the benefit of Jackson County Residents,” Dyer said.

Sheriff Corey Falls says he’s looking forward to building positive relationships in Gresham.

He will also have protection from discriminatory comments as he will no longer be an elected official.

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