Jackson County Republican HQ vandalized for the second time

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police are looking for any suspects in connection with the vandalism of two windows and a glass door at the Jackson County Republican Headquarters.  It’s resulting in $4,000 worth of damages.

“A person who speaks with vandalism and anger and violence is exacerbating the problem,” Robin Lee, Vice President of the Jackson County Republican Party Office, said.

Medford police said between 5:30 on Tuesday evening and 6:30 on Wednesday morning, someone broke several windows at their Republican Party Headquarters in Medford.

“Both windows were smashed with a body part,” said Lee. “We found blood on both windows.”

Some of the same windows were damaged on July 3rd. Lee said she thinks Republicans are being targeted.

“I feel safe downtown but I think that whatever your political views are is not okay to vandalize,” Jesse Thomas, neighboring business owner, said.

Just a few days ago, a camera put in by the landlords was torn off the front of the building.

Surrounding business owners from around the area said other shop windows were also vandalized within the past few weeks.

The Republican Party officials said they’ve received a lot of support from the community.

“We actually benefited in a small way because there was an uptick in volunteerism and people stepped forward with donations that helped cover our landlords deductible.”

David Stepp, Owner of Rogue Camera Guys is helping out the organization. He’s donating a new security camera.

Stepp said no one should be a victim regardless of their political beliefs.

“It’s going to be some of the best in the entire market, we’re going to have built-in different systems in place of those cameras as well, so the hope is to deter the thieves from wanting to make this mistake again the third time,” said Stepp.

“Regardless of your political views or your beliefs, if we just love our neighbors as our self we wouldn’t break the windows and be unsafe,” said Thomas.

Anyone with information is asked to call Medford Police.

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