Jeep lands on man during Kansas tornado

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kan. (WDAF) – Terry Seymour was driving to his house in Ottawa, Kansas Tuesday evening when he got a text from his wife telling him that a rain-wrapped tornado was nearby.

“That was at 6:21,” Seymour said. Not even ten minutes later and the 47-year-old dad was dialing 911 for help.

Seymour came face to face with the storm as it crossed K-10 east of Lawrence. He said, “I guess I was scared but I was more in survival mode.”

He explained when he got out of his jeep to take cover in a ditch, the wind threw him like a ragdoll.

“Even halfway down the ditch I was still getting clobbered with the winds and the rain,” Seymore said.

He thought he might be better protected from the elements if he crawled back near his vehicle, but the SUV went airborne. “I saw the Jeep lift off the ground and it went over my head and my first thought was this is just like in the movies.”

The Jeep came crashing down, breaking Seymour`s shinbone before it rolled further down the hill. “As soon as it happened, I knew it was broke because my leg… it just flopped.”

Once the winds died down, Seymour said a good Samaritan named Tracy stopped and waited with him until ems arrived. “I laid outside of her car and she comforted me.”

Doctors had to insert a rod below his knee to stabilize the broken bone. “If it had landed anyplace else besides my leg, I don`t think I would be here.”

His son and wife are happy he`s alive and in good spirits. Seymour`s just thankful that they weren`t in the jeep with him. That would`ve been a much harder situation to deal with.

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