Jillian and Gillian: President Trump’s Twitter typo spotlights small California city

WEED, Calif.– A post on Twitter Sunday night from the President of the United States accidentally took aim at a Northern California high school student.

President Trump was tweeting at the Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner and her colleague but instead tweeted at Weed High School senior Jillian Turner from Weed, California. On Monday, Turner was swept up in the wave of social media that followed as people realized what happened and began to comment about the typo.

“It was definitely a trip,” said Blake Lane, a resident and friend of Jillian. “I went on Twitter and I had seen the tweet from Trump actually and I was like Jillian Turner? So I clicked the link and it happened to be somebody I knew and I was just like, ‘That can’t be correct?!'”

Like Lane, in a town of about 3,000 people, it was hard not to bump into somebody who hadn’t heard about the tweet. Many found it funny and exciting to see their little town get a lot of attention.

President Trump’s corrected Tweet

The president later corrected the tweet but not until Jillian and Weed became an internet sensation.

“I messaged her and I was like tell me this isn’t a mix-up? She’s like, ‘Nope, my DM’s have been going crazy’ and she has news reporters,” said Lane.

Jillian didn’t respond to requests for comment but on Twitter made her feelings known with a simple tweet – “This is getting crazyy.”

Indeed, things could get even crazier.

“Social media can be a very positive thing and it also can be a very negative thing,” said Bob West, owner of Ellie’s Bakery. “In this way, I think it’s going to be positive for Weed because it’s going to bring more attention to us.”

Many businesses hope this spotlight can bring more attention to a town desperately needing a facelift.

“Our city needs a big boost, a shot in the arm to get our downtown area to the point where it brings in revenue,” said Alicia Rodriguez, co-owner of Weed Souvenir Smoke Shop.

Already, many have tweeted their surprise there was a city named Weed with some interested in finding out more about this little northern California city of roughly 3,000.

And all of the excitement due to one simple typo.

“It’s a small town you know you don’t get much attention. Ever! Especially by the president,” said Lane. “You know whether it was a mistake or not it was pretty awesome.”

Weed High School said it was not allowing media on campus Monday due to the number of calls they were receiving. They also could not confirm whether Jillian Turner attended school there for student safety.

However, those who know her that NBC5 News spoke with say she’s taking it in stride and enjoying a good laugh about the mistake.

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