Josephine Co. convicted murderer may be released

Grants Pass, Ore. —  A Josephine County man who pleaded guilty to a murder he was already convicted of was back in court today.

Trevor Walraven killed Black Bar Lodge owner Bill Hull in 1998 when Walraven was just 14.

His conviction was vacated and he was released from prison.

Just last month he pleaded guilty again.

The judge ruled Tuesday there is clear evidence Trevor Walraven has been rehabilitated and he should be conditionally released.

During the second look hearing, the defense explained how Walraven committed the crime at the age of 14, but has developed and matured since 1998.

Prosecutors argued aging is not a good indicator Walraven has changed and believe Walraven lacks the empathy to go back out into the community.

The judge agreed with the defense but didn’t immediately release Walraven.

Walraven’s attorney says if the release is ultimately approved, he would be under similar conditions as someone on parole.

“Mr. Walraven will be on one sort of supervision one way or the other for the rest of his life unless the parole board decides that they don’t want to bother supervising him anymore,” defense attorney Andy Simrin said.

Walraven’s patrol officer from Marion County was brought on as a witness.

He explained Walraven was compliant throughout his original 10-month release and was actively involved in social activities while working at All Star Staffing.

He said he doesn’t know if Walraven would pose a threat to the community if released, but based on Walraven’s behavior during their time together he doesn’t think he would.

The Department of Corrections has 45 days to submit a plan for Walraven’s release to be approved by the judge.

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