Josephine Co. requests feedback from rural community

GRANTS PASS, Ore.– Josephine County Commissioners are banding together on an issue that they say could save tens of thousands of citizens from wildfires.

County commissioners are sending a survey to 1,000 citizens who live in ‘under-served’ rural areas, surrounding Grants Pass.

Darin Fowler, Josephine County Commissioner says, “It’s a big moment in our history as a county, and we’re looking forward to serving those citizens in a way they think is fair and equitable.”

Fowler says 29,000 voters live outside areas with government sanctioned fire safety crews.

These areas do not fall under the jurisdiction of any Josephine County Fire District.

“Half of the population of our county lives in that area so we want them to have the best chance of saving their structures and saving someone’s life.”

Fowler says the change would all-in-all benefit everyone.

“It would be easier for those that are already contracting with a fire protection private agency to go into a district and pay a little less for the same service.”

The county attempted to approve this motion almost 20 years ago, but the public voted against it.

According to the county, now that more wildfires have started in the county… Residents are showing more support for the change.

“We’re hoping the community will just confirm that they want some sort of protection and they want it to be at the same level as their peers around the county,” says Fowler.

The county says the survey is reserved for residents who live in the rural areas.

Residents will receive the survey by mail, but can also fill it out online.

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