Josephine County citizens lose over $150k to scams, ID theft

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Citizens of Josephine County reportedly lost over $150,000 to phone scams and identity theft during the month of June.

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office said the following scams were the most common:

  • Computer hackers representing Microsoft which include intimidating demands for money or payment in the form of Google play cards to repair the computer. Hackers then take over control of personal computers to gain banking and personal identity information.
  • Phone calls impersonating the Social Security Administration demanding payment in the form of Google Play cards.
  • Phone calls impersonating law enforcement about an injured family member in the hospital or in need of bail money, also demanding payment in the form of Google Play cards.
  • Verizon accounts opened fraudulently with cell phone orders shipping to alternate addresses.

“These companies and government agencies will NEVER demand payment by gift cards,” deputies said. “The sheriff’s office would like to remind citizens to remain vigilant and report any potential scams that come their way. Persons should never provide financial or personal information to anyone until they are certain who they are speaking to.”

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