Josephine County hikers stranded by snow in northern California

1122-missing-hikers-devils-punchbowlDel Norte County, Cal.- Search and rescue crews are trying to reach two hikers from Josephine County stranded in the northeast corner of Del Norte County, California.

According to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, the hikers walked into the area Tuesday, but became stranded when it began to snow.

Search and rescue crews were hoping to use a California Highway Patrol helicopter to reach the hikers Wednesday, but weather conditions kept the pilot grounded. Instead, Del Norte County’s road department will spend the afternoon trying to plow snow out of the way so search and rescue crews can reach the trailhead near the hikers. Crews believe the hikers are in an area known as the Devil’s Punchbowl, which is very steep and known for its treacherous conditions.

This is a developing story. Check frequently for updates.

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