Murder victim Kaylee Sawyer.

Kaylee’s Law passes through Oregon House

Murder victim Kaylee Sawyer.

SALEM, Ore. – A bill to put stricter guidelines in place for college security officers in Oregon was passed by the Oregon House.

Senate Bill 576 passed the Senate unanimously last month. The legislation is also known as Kaylee’s Law, named after Kaylee Sawyer.

The 23-year-old Central Oregon resident was killed by a community college security guard in 2016.

The bill includes more detailed background checks, and changes to uniforms and vehicles so that they look “meaningfully different than those of traditional law enforcement officers.”

Kaylee’s law will need to be signed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown before it becomes law. Her office released the following statement attributed to Gov. Brown:

“Kaylee Sawyer’s death was a tragedy, and we want to make sure this never happens to a promising young person again. Our universities and community colleges are home to the next generation of young inspiring people and we want to make sure they are safe. Oregon has a citizen legislature, and this bill is an example of when Oregon is at its best—when communities bring solutions forward.”

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