Klamath Falls city officials ask you to ‘think before you flush’

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The city of Klamath Falls is asking you to “think before you flush.”

It says many cities in its are receiving reports of sewer overflows because people are flushing things they shouldn’t. Officials in northern California say they’re seeing the same thing. They say people are flushing so many sanitizing wipes down the drain that sewer lines are getting blocked.

Crews say they’ve been clearing sewer lines and fighting wipes for the last few days.

“They get snagged in the pipes and cause a build-up, cause a blockage and overflow, or they can get caught in a pump, stop the pump and,” Wes Fredenburg from the San Rafael Sanitation District said.

Klamath Falls sewer agencies want to remind you wipes are not flushable even if it may say they are on the package. Wipes don’t break down as toilet paper does. Crews actually compare it to flushing rags down the toilet.

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