Klamathon smoke impacts Klamath Falls

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Smoke from the Klamathon Fire is making it all the way to Klamath Falls and beyond.

As of noon Monday, Mount Shasta was still visible from Klamath Falls, but a shift of wind can change that quickly.

“The Klamathon fire is bringing a lot of smoke into our area,” said Jim Carey, Air Quality Specialist with the Klamath County Health Department.

Ramona Quinn of Klamath County Environmental Health added that conditions are being monitored closely. “We’ve had a few times when we have been in the ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ categories.”

Sheriff Chris Kaber said a small corner of Klamath County is under a Level 1 evacuation notice. “It’s in Jackson County now as near as we can tell, we only have five residences that we need to concern ourselves about today.”

Sheriff Kaber said a forest contract deputy has been assigned to the area. He added, “However, in this case, we think there’s a lot of natural barriers it would have to cross to actually threaten any residences in Klamath County.”

But, Ramona Quinn pointed out that smoke from the fire could pose a threat to some people. “Young people, people over 65, people with heart conditions, people with asthma.”

You can find out air quality conditions in your area here:  oregonsmoke.blogspot.com

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