L.A. Unified School District parents protest vaccine mandate for students

CULVER CITY, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS) – Parents gathered outside LAUSD’s district office Monday to let administrators know how they feel about the mandate that all eligible students get vaccinated against COVID-19 by January.

Parent Armine Adamyan said, “I’m not against the vaccine, I’m just against the fact there is no long-term studies on it. You don’t know what can happen with the vaccine further down the future.”

Adamyan kept her kids home from school today to make her point and she’s not the only one. Sit-outs were held across the state Monday because the governor has proposed a statewide mandate for children in public and private schools once the vaccines are eligible for all age groups.

But not everyone agrees. Some parents in Culver City say even though they may have doubts about whether vaccines should be required, they don’t think keeping kids home is the answer.

Philip Turner said, “I get you want to accomplish a goal, I just don’t know if the best way to do that is not have your child get their education.”

Parent Mark Villa said, “There’s no reason to walk out. Why take your kids out of school if you want your kids in school?”

LAUSD also issued a mandate for their teachers and staff. The first deadline was last week and some who did not comply joined the protest Monday morning.

Former LAUSD employee Aaryn Roe said, “I have a medical exemption and they still said goodbye, you can’t stay. Several of us at the school.”

Jonathan Goodman is also a former LAUSD employee. He said, “I requested a religious exemption, they denied that. Did not answer a request for appeal. And last Thursday, I got my notice, I was fired.”

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