“Live to Dance” with the ARC Stars: Kelly Henson

Medford, Ore. — Born three pounds and eight ounces Kelly Henson is a miracle baby.

“Congenital heart failure, hole in the heart that repaired by itself,106 degree fever, ice bath, yeah, I wasn’t expected to be here,” Kelly said.

He has cerebral palsy, it’s a congenital disorder that has affected his legs, but he’s learned to take each day one step at a time.

Kelly can put his mind to anything as well,” Fox-26 news anchor Jennifer Elliott said.

Jennifer has known Kelly for three years now and has seen him shine multiple times

They were partners in the live to dance with the arc stars competition as the minions.

“Kelly pulled off this wicked dance move and start spinning on the ground and it was a amazing,” Jennifer said.

Being in front of people is something Kelly excels at.

“The people are what fuel me,” Kelly said.

It’s fueled Jen too. Kelly has opened up her eyes in a different way.

“My kids have special needs and its neat to see an organization in the valley to help them when they’re older,” she said.

The event itself has also given her hope for her kids and their future.

Jennifer added, “The spirit is phenomenal every come open heart and everyone kind and leave with best feeling in the world and anything can happen.”

-Photojournalist Karen Tang

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