Local church has benefit concert for those impacted by natural disasters

Medford, Ore.- After seeing the devastation natural disasters have caused in recent months, Medford’s First Presbyterian Church is hoping to help with relief efforts.

Today they held a benefit concert, featuring five different jazz groups from across the Rouge Valley. The concert was free. A red hat was left out for those who wanted to donate to the cause.

What was First Presbyterian’s goal? To raise money¬†$10,000 for those affected by the natural disasters in recent months. But above all, “To help people. That’s the real goal,” First Presbyterian Church Pastor Murray Richmond says.

Pastor Murray came up with the idea a little over a month ago.

“While I was sitting the jazz vespers I thought I wonder if the musicians would wanna help. And so I went up and asked, ‘Would you guys be interested in a benefit concert?’ and their eyes just lit up and said of course.”

Now that idea has come full circle.

The musicians played a number of scores, including one in particular, to honor those in Latin America who were affected by natural disasters.

The money raised from the concert is going to the Presbyterian Relief Fund. From there Pastor Murray says the funds will go to servings people’s immediate needs.

“Is it blankets. Is it generators. Is it someone to watch your kids while you fix your house!” Pastor Murray exclaims.

While the over 100 people that came to Jazz Aid enjoy the music, and donate their cash, Pastor Murray says he feels fulfilled with knowing that they’re all making an effort to help those in need.

“I don’t know why all of this is happening, I can’t say why on that. But I do know that if we can do something we should, and this is what we can do.”

Pastor Murray Richmond the funds raised today at First Presbyterian will likely help those in need in Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean.

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